Les Vitrines de Rouen helps you to discover the exceptional variety of the Rouen's open-air shopping center. Navigating on this Website helps you to find a lot of informations and innovations about the cultural and practical Rouen. Let's discover crushes, new shopping places and special offers from our fantastic shops…


Vitrines de Rouen
  • Park for 2 euros at Rouen
    Park for 2 euros at Rouen

    Tuesdays and Thurdays 4pm-7pm :
    3h = 2€


    In 3 parks in the middle of the city :

    Vieux Marché, Hôtel de Ville,
    Vieille Tour




Bravo aux gagnants du Prix de l’Accueil 2016 !


Jeff de Bruges, Lepage, La Cigale Curieuse, Florabel,

O Grand Café, Chaussures St Sever, Nocibé St Sever,

Les Toqués Connectés, Vicomte A, French Coffee Shop,

Zein Oriental Spa et Milliaud.