Vitrines de Rouen

Actions of ACAR- Vitrines de Rouen
Creating a visual identity, setting and animating a website for the public and for members, coordinating communication actions to the Public
Reporter : Michel Magne
Seasonal themes
Organizing events related with projects initiated by the city in order to develop commercial impact on the town center.
Reporter : José Ortuzar
Driving, signs and parking
Naturally to be ahead of the project, the committee intervenes with local institutions for all issues regarding this point.
Reporter : Jean-Luc Lemaire
Business knowledge
Observation and studies to get to know better town center businesses. Also keep an eye on law evolution. 
Reporter : Bernard Deshaires
Club Privilege
Value staff and members through specific operations, commercial discounts or advantages. Federate the members and develop a team spirit thrue events though professional than friendly
Reporter : Olivier Muller
Rouen is the hosting place of two big recurring events: The Armada that brings out about a million visitors and Normandy Impressionists Festival, initiated in 2010.
Reporter : José Ortuzar
Rummage sale
Create a real important rummage sale in Rouen in agreement with the dynamic and motivated image of local businesses, taking example from well-known rummage sales that already exist, twice a year, taking place in the whole city at mid May and mid September
Reporter : José Ortuzar