Vitrines de Rouen

How to know us?
To this day, over 350 business owners and craftsmen are members of our association. Our objective is to reach 450 members. By those numbers, our action will become more legitimate, by being a truthful global representation of all businesses and crafts shops of the town center. With them, our hope is to create animation centers within the city of Rouen, to federate the two sides of the river around a common goal : revitalizing town center business and make our city shine.
Established on August 31st 2010, in order to represent the variety of Rouen’s businesses, the ACAR (Rouen’s craftsmen and business owners association) is a partner to all local institutions for the FISAC plan. The association’s objectives are the revitalization of Rouen’s business, putting craftsmen, neighborhood animations forward, which will enable all visitors to enjoy our town and make them want to come back.   
Organization of the ACAR
The Head Office
Matthieu de Montchalin…….President
José Ortuzar…………………Vice President
Jean-Luc Lemaire…………..Secrétary
Bernard Deshaires……..Treasurer
 Coordinator contact :
The board
It is constitute of 29 members, 27 of which are traditional business representatives plus 2 more elected from mass-market retailing.
To be complete and representative of town center business, the ACAR wishes to have on the board two elected representatives from malls, two from non sedentary storekeepers and two from stores that constitute a branch from bigger ones.
Committees to study cases and lead the members
To this day, eight committees have been created, each of which lead by a volunteer reporter. These committees are coordinated by the permanent association’s member who helps them going forward.
Each of these committees has a role in the system installed to stick close to our members’ interests.