Vitrines de Rouen

Parking in Rouen
With a park meter
These park meters, located near the parking spots throughout the streets work from Monday to Sunday and from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, all year long.
   Frees :
      ► 10 cts = 10 minutes
      ► 50 cts = 50 minutes
      ► 70 cts = 60 minutes
      ► 1,20 € = 80 minutes
      ► 1,70 € = 100 minutes
      ► 2,20 € = 2 hrs
      ► Free on Sundays and national holidays.

Parking is allowed for a maximum duration of 2 hours. At the limits of the city, allowed for 4 hours

(Providing there’s no change in fees)


Parking lots 
Wallboards will indicate the number of available parking lots. 
– Parking de l'Hôtel-de-Ville (Saint-Marc / Croix-de-Pierre | Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)
– Parking de la Bourse (Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)
– Parking de la Gare (P1/P2) (Gare)
– Parking de la Haute Vieille Tour (Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)
– Parking de la Pucelle (Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)
– Parking des Emmurées (Centre-ville / rive gauche)
– Parking du Mont Riboudet (Coteaux Ouest)
– Parking du Palais (Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)
– Parking du Vieux-Marché (Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)
– Parking Gambetta-Martainville (Saint-Marc / Croix-de-Pierre)
– Parking Saint-Marc (Saint-Marc / Croix-de-Pierre)
– Parking Saint-Sever (Centre-ville / rive gauche)
– Parking SNCF (Gare)
– Parking Square des Arts (Vieux-Marché / Cathédrale)


Except Parking  Square des Arts and Parking Gambetta,all Parkings propose

a special Night rate at 2€ from 7pm to 3 AM
On Tuesday and Friday afternoon, from 4pm to 7pm,
special Shopping Rate at 2€ for 3 hours in  
Parking Hôtel de Ville, Parking Vieux Marché, Parking Haute Vieille Tour

In St Sever Shopping Mall, rate is 0,30€/hour from 7pm to 7am

In Docks 76 Shopping Mall, parking is free for 3 hours.

Located nearby the Public Transportation, a few free parking lots

Parking place du Boulingrin  
40 places near Subway

Adress : Place du Boulingrin, 76000 Rouen

Parking  Mont Riboudet
865 places
Free for users of Public Transportation, directly to the heart of the city 
Adress : Avenue du Mont-Riboudet, 76000 Rouen

Parking Quais bas (Left side of the Seine River)
3000 lots.
Quai bas rive gauche, between pont Corneille and pont Jeanne d’Arc