Vitrines de Rouen



La French Cup

     2014 is the 20th edition of this event on Jannuary 31st and February 1st     
     Synchronized ice skating 
International competition

     Taking place in Rouen, Normandy

      Official Website French Cup here


Go to Flashmob

Organised thursday Jannuary 30th at 7PM, go and dance on Flashmob in the front of Rouen City Hall.
See the choregraphy above, then go to dance with the teams.



Vote for your favorite team

and try to win

      75€ of Gift vouchers Vitrines de Rouen
      25€ of Gift vouchers Vitrines de Rouen
      10 entries to the competition on Friday Jan.31st


 all teams

Atlantides Senior 2014   Black Diams 2014-Ph06   USA Chicago Jazz junior2014    
Atlantides Seniors-France   Black Diam's Juniors-France   Chicago Jazz-USA   Cool Dreams Junior
Crystallettes senior USA2014   ExLIce-senior_2014   Finettes2014   Haydenettes senior USA2014
Crystallettes-USA   Ex'L Ice-France   Finettes-Finlande   Haydenettes-USA
Jeanne_dArc_junior2014   Jingu_ Ice_Messengers_Grace-2014   Team_Karisma-NoviceA_2014   Leaside_Synergy-junior_2014
Jeanne d'Arc Junior-France   Jingu Ice Messengers-Japon   Karisma-Suède   Leaside Synergy-Canada
Comètes Juniors2014   Les_Supremes-junior_2014   Les_Supremes-senior_2014   Lexettes JUNIOR2014
Les Comètes Juniors-France   Les Supremes Juniors-Canada   Les Supremes Seniors-Canada   Lexettes-USA
Magic_Crystals_2014   Marigold-Ice-unicity_Senior_2014   MOZAIK_LOUVIERS_SENIORS_2014   Musketeers-junior_2014
Magic Crystals-France   Marigold IceUnity-Finlande   Mozaiks-France   Musketeers-Finlande
Icicles_Free_2013-14   Shadows Novice Advanced 2014       Revolutions_2013-2014
NIC Icicles-Grande Bretagne   NIC Shadows-Gde Bretagne   Paradise   Revolutions-Finlande
Rockettes_Senior_2014   SPARTAK-JUNOST2014   STARLIGHT2014   Stella Polaris junior2014
Rockettes-Finlande   Spartak Unost-Russie   Starlights-Finlande   Stella Polaris-Finlande
sunrise1-2014   SUNRISE-2_2014   Team_Boomerang_senior_2014   Convivium 2013-2014 small
Sunrise 1-Russie   Sunrise 2-Russie   Team Boomerang-Suède   Team Convivium-Suède
Team Dynamique 13-14 pieni   Team_Fintastic-junior_2014   Team Mystique joukkuekuva 13-14   Team_Spirit-senior_2014
Team Dynamique-Finlande   Team Fintastic-Finlande   Team Mystique-Finlande   Team Spirit Senior-Finlande
team-temptation-seniors   team-unique   Zoulous 2013-2014   Choose your team !
Team Temptation-Belgique   Team Unique-Finlande   Zoulous-France